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Would Equipment Malfunction Break Your Business?

Your franchise relies on equipment every day. Beyond specialized tools, there is equipment like HVAC systems, computers and more critical to running your business. If your equipment were to malfunction or break, it could disrupt your day-to-day operations. But with the right maintenance and preparation, you can keep your business running smoothly. Preparation Tactics for [...]

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4 Tips to Improve Hiring Practices and Reduce Turnover

Hiring and retaining quality employees has long been a challenge for franchises and small businesses, as recruiting resources can be low and finding the time for the process can be tricky. Increasing minimum wage and a competitive job market has made things even harder, with many companies responding by changing how they hire. But doing [...]

Preventing Workplace Injuries

Even the safest organization will experience a workplace injury from time to time, whether a cut requiring stitches, a strain from repetitive actions or a broken bone from a fall. To help protect your employees and business, implement a prevention and reaction plan. Preventing Workplace Injuries — Implementing an Injury Prevention Program   An injury [...]

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Curbing Inflation’s Impact on Business

Labor costs, supply chain disruptions, gas prices, interest rates and more all contribute to the impact of inflation. Not only is the average consumer experiencing these challenges, but so are franchise businesses. According to an article by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, inflation has topped the list of challenges for small business owners for the [...]

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Forming a Cyber Attack Response Plan

Cyber attacks have become commonplace for businesses in all industries. With rising frequency and growing costs associated with attacks, businesses need to implement cyber prevention and response plans. Without a cyber attack response plan in place, confusion over how to respond may worsen the attack, lead to mistakes by your organization that increase liability and [...]

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How Your Insurance Needs May Change from Year to Year

Your business changes from year to year, and your insurance may need to change with it. Whether your franchise experiences workforce changes, services changes or business changes, it’s important that your insurance coverage stays up to date. Lockton Affinity offers access to a variety of insurance products that can help safeguard your business throughout it [...]

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How to Choose Insurance for Your Franchise

Choosing franchise insurance can feel overwhelming. Workers’ compensation, business auto, property, liability, business interruption, cyber liability, umbrella liability—it can seem that there are endless insurance policies offered to your business. But which policies do you actually need? When buying your business insurance, it can be helpful to follow these guidelines to ensure you have the [...]

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Tips to File a Claim from Lockton Affinity

Despite your commitment to risk management and proper procedures to protect your business, claims can happen. When an incident occurs, avoid the panic. Save this article to ensure you remember how to respond to a claim correctly and efficiently if the time comes. Decide to file a claim It can be difficult to gauge which [...]

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Why Businesses Need Business Interruption Insurance

If your small business operations were interrupted, would you be able to bounce back right away? For 9 out of 10 small businesses, the answer is no. According to FEMA, being forced to close for just five days can cause the majority of small businesses to fail within a year. But if your business were [...]

Easy Actions to Prevent Cyber-Attacks

When you rely on computers to run your business, protecting against cyber-attacks is a must. Every day, nearly 2,200 reports of cybercrime are filed with the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center. Hackers want to access your business computers to commit fraud, steal financial data and hold digital files for ransom. Franchises are most at risk [...]

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